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Would you add some glitter to this gloomy evening? Black sparkle is a black and shimmering composition that captivates and embraces you with softness caressing you with incredible sensations that turn into amazing dance magic. Make a real magic ball in your dance studio!

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  • Features:
    • QUEEN 3SideProtect technology – thorough protection of your knees from all sides;
    • function “changing pads”gives you a possibility to:create ideal knee pads for your dancing style; prolong term of kneepads usage by changing pillow;
    • Don’t slip, and don’t move around (if the size is right);
    • Adaptive knee-caps take a shape of any knee;
    • Smooth – give possibility to slide easily on the dance floor;
    • Vent hole from the inner side of the knee pad;
    • Cutting takes into account the anatomical features of your knee;
    • Reinforced threads and accessories are firmly sewed to the cloth.
      Weight 0.145 kg
      SIZE XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
      FABRIC hypoallergenic, soft and durable jersey: polyamide 80% elastane 20%
      HEGIHT IN FRONT 21 cm/8,3 inch
      HEIGHT IN REAR 16 cm/6,3 inch (+ -5 mm/0,2 inch)
      INNER PROTECTIVE PADS 100% soft polyethylene foam material
      MADE IN Ukraine
      WASHING Washing machine is allowed at a temperature of 30 C
      SUITABLE FOR Pole dance; Choreography; Strip dance; Stretching; Twerk dance; Yoga; Indoor sports; Beginners and professionals; For training and performance.





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