Pole Dance Studio in Tallinn

Rekap Pole Space is a place where through a beautiful and feminine sport you can open new horizons of your body and love yourself.


Pole Dance Studio in Tallinn

Rekap Pole Space is a place where through a beautiful and feminine sport you can open new horizons of your body and love yourself.

Rekap Pole Space  is the planet of beauty and creativity, strength and grace, sports and dance!

We have a wide choice of trainings:

Pole Acrobatics (Pole Fitness)
Pole Dance (Pole Exotic)
Strip Choreo

Here along with a relief and toned body, you will gain inner strength and self-confidence!

Why choose pole dance?

To become more sexy

More feminine and graceful


Join something extraordinary

More self-confident

Meet new friends and become part of the team

Why choose Rekap Pole Space?

The biggest Pole Dance Studio in Estonia!

Possibility to pay by Stebby service (Sport ID)

Free parking

Warm and cozy atmosphere, 2 stylish and spacious gyms

Qualified, attentive trainers in love with their work

Relax-zone where you can chill and have a cup of coffee

Large dressing room and shower

Various types of training, activities and workshops

Only high quality equipment from professionals

What to choose?

pole dance

Pole Dance (Pole Exotic)

Pole dance allows a woman to feel her body as an instrument to express her feminine. A tool that becomes as more perfect as more you train. That helps you  feel more  relaxed and self-confident – not only in dance, but also in everyday life.

Pole Acrobatics (Pole Fitness)

Pole acrobatics is a workout for those who want to get a beautiful relief, tighten the body and be physically strong and healthy. Pole acrobatics is a unique combination of acrobatics and choreography. The workout consists of aerobic and anaerobic exercises where the pole is used as a simulator. Pole acrobatics consists of elements and ligaments that load all muscle groups. 


Stretching – exercises that helps to stretch your muscles and your body an elegant slimness and flexibility. In addition to the opportunity to sit on a split, stretching exercises perfectly train the muscles of the neck, back, arms and the entire upper body. This discipline allows you to alternate tension and relaxation of muscle tissues, which contributes to the rapid release of tension in the muscles and recovery of strength. 

Strip Choreography (Strip Choreo)

Strip choreography is an exquisite dance where a woman learns to demonstrate her grace and sexuality with the help of body language, without going over the edge of decency. Strip choreography is built on beautiful and smooth transitions from one movement to another, on a constant change of poses, taking place in different planes.

Private Lesson

Private lessons are great for beginners who are embarrassed to start with group lessons. Many people take 2-3 personal trainings first to get comfortable with it, and then join the group. Also, this is for those who want to learn the dance in a shorter time or prepare for a competition.

Party in Space Strip plastic for a special day is an original surprise for a friend. Your friend has a holiday and you are in charge of organizing or you are the hero of the occasion and rack your brains because you want something unusual on your special day. At Rekap Pole Space we know what to do – start the day with a dance – sensual and awakening… and our charismatic trainers will “charge you with fire” for the rest of the day.