Last update 03.04.2024

Welcome to Space!

You have become one step closer to a healthy lifestyle and the discovery of new opportunities in yourself! We kindly ask you to familiarize yourself with the rules of attendance and internal order before starting training at the REKAP POLE SPACE studio. These rules are binding on all visitors and members of the studio. The Client confirms his acquaintance and his consent with the above rules by signing the agreement (other documents with reference to these rules) and undertakes to comply with them.

REKAP POLE SPACE acts on behalf of the legal entity Rekap Spordiklubi OÜ, located at Kopli 25, Tallinn.

REKAP POLE SPACE, hereinafter the Studio reserves the right to make changes and additions to the existing rules. For non-compliance / violation of the rules, the Studio reserves the right to terminate the contract or refuse to further provide services.


★ Trainings are conducted according to the timetable. You can view the timetable here. The maximum number of people at the trainings:
Pole Exotic and  Pole Fitness – 8, Strip Choreo – 12, Stretching – 18.
★ The Studio reserves the right to change the timetable, replace coaches.
★ Providing its services, the Studio is guided by the fact that you have no contraindications to physical activity.
★ The Studio is not responsible for the property of third parties, take valuables with you to the gym.
★ It is strictly forbidden to enter the gym in outdoor shoes. Shoes should be removed in the hallway.
★ During training, you should remove jewelry that can damage equipment.
★ Any broken or damaged inventory should be reported to the coach and Studio management immediately.
★ The premise, as well as all the inventory and furniture in it, should be used as intended, to maintain cleanliness and order. Do not stain the walls and mirrors in the hall. After finishing the workout, you should close the windows, the door, clean the equipment used, put everything in its place and turn off the light.
★ Smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and drug use are prohibited in the Studio.
★ Photo and video filming without the permission of the Studio’s management is prohibited.
★ It is forbidden to use open fire in the Studio premises.


All prices of the Studio can be found here.

★ The package is personal and cannot be transferred to another person.
Monthly card is valid for 30 days since the date of the first training.
★ Packages are not renewed for non-valid reasons.
★ Money for missed trainings through no fault of the Studio will not be refunded.
The training can be canceled from your personal account at least 4 hours before the start of the training. Otherwise, the training is considered to have taken place.
★ All Studio packages are universal – you can attend various training sessions with one subscription.
★ The purchased package is non-refundable.