Yekaterina Rekap

Yekaterina Rekap

Head trainer and founder of the studio

Qualified trainer of the IV category in acrobatic gymnastics, choreographer and director in the sports direction of acrobatics on a pole. She has passed a lot of additional training courses – sports psychology, work with children, the basics of stretching, etc. She took part in workshops from such world acrobatics stars as: Bendy Kate, Dimitry Staev, Julia Wahl, Dima Shevtsenko, Marina Kostrova, Erika Yakovleva and others. In addition to this Yekaterina is the organizer of pole acrobatics workshops and different sports events in Estonia.

In 2012, she has founded the sports club Pole Style (formerly Pole Acrobatics), where she continued working as a head coach and leader.

In 2014, she made up her own training system for beginners and for intermediate and professional levels in pole acrobatics (grown-ups and children up to 18 years old) and stretching (grown-ups and children up to 18 years old). Yekaterina Rekap is one of the first trainers in Estonia who opened pole acrobatics classes for children up to 18 years old.

In 2016, she took part in a great championship – Pole Art Baltic Cup 2016 (Estonia, Tallinn) as an organizer.

2017 – she has founded her own pole dance studio, Rekap Pole Space.


Group trainings
19:00 ★ strip choreo
20:00 ★ 
pole exotic
20:00 ★ stretching
14:00 ★ pole exotic


Private course
★ MON — 20:00 ★ 21:00
★ WED — 21:00
★ SUN — 13:00
Personal trainings
★ by agreement

Performance at Pole Crown 2019 International Pole Exotic Championship, Minsk, Semipro category, 04/07/2019