Pole Dance (Pole Exotic)

Pole dance allows a woman to feel her body as an instrument to express her feminine. A tool that becomes as more perfect as more you train. That helps you  feel more  relaxed and self-confident – not only in dance, but also in everyday life.

At the Rekap Pole Space studio pole dance training is conducted in two styles – Exotic Dirty and Exotic Flow.

Exotic Dirty
Cheeky, playful and energetic. Contrast dance with spectacular jumps and flips. This style is aimed at very fast choreography with heavy acrobatics elements.
Constant movement plus huge loads on absolutely all muscle groups. Exotic Hard.
will reveal in you the power and energy that you did not even know about.

Exotic FLow

Sensual, gentle and inviting. This style will awaken a woman in you, make you pull out emotions, teach you to love yourself and be sexy.

Unlike the Dirty style – Exotic Flow is calmer and more viscous. The emphasis is on smoothness and curves. It is this style that will show you all the beauty and grace of your body.

★ Trial training (60 min): 10
★ Group training (60 min): 15

★ Personal training (60 min): 45-50
★ Package:
★ MINI (5х60 min): 60
★ ULTRA (10х60 min): 90
★ EXTRA (15×60 min): 105
★ XL (20
x60 min): 125

Dress code:

★ Leggings
★ Sports Top
Shoes or socks
★ Knee pads are recommended

Timetable POLE EXOTIC:

★ 18:00 – Beginners | Irina
★ 20:00 – Beginners | Ilona
★ 19:00 – Beginners| Milena
★ 20:00 – All levels| Irina
★ 18:00 – Beginners | Milena
★ 14:00 – All levels | Ilona