Lupit pole Classic G2, standard lock, Stainless steel


*Tasuta saatmine. Tarneaeg kuni 14 päeva. Home pole Classic G2 Stainless steel is a removable pole that can be easily installed/removed in just a few minutes by a single person. Safe and stabile construction with a stainless steel grip and the best spin on the market.

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The process They are designed to be ultra-sticky for pole dancers who really have trouble gripping the different types of metal poles. It is the best choice if you plan to do a lot of pole training at home. It is very easy to grip and has a very smooth texture. The pole is designed to be installed by a single person in just a few minutes without drilling. The high-quality surface, the unique flex system of the upper disc, and the NEW Safety Block groove ensure a faster installation and maximum safety for the dancer. For ceilings higher than 2800 mm, check out our extension in the related products and extend your pole up to 3300 mm NOTE: extension has to be bought separately, it is not a part of a basic kit Description

  • Removable, multi-piece dance pole
  • Spinning and static mode
  • Quick installation without drilling
  • Smooth and unique tube joint system
  • Upper disc flex system absorbs bending force and distributes it evenly
  • Smooth pole design all along the line
  • The basic set is suitable for ceilings from 2300 mm to 2800 mm
  • Quadruple ball bearing system for topspin
  • Safety block nut blocks the pole against loosening
  • Stainless steel
  • EU origin

Latest updates

  • BETTER SPIN, as a consequence of improved joint system and upgraded bearing systems.
  • INCREASED STABILITY: fewer extensions for the same height & increased max. height to 3300 mm
  • EASIER INSTALLATION & SAFER THREAD LOCK: changed technology for thread block, without impractical and large key tools, and hard tightening of the locking nuts.
  • SMOOTHER DESIGN: the cover fits the lower part - no more gap, and the cover does not get unscrewed during the exercise.


Kaal 15,7 kg
Mõõtmed 120 × 23 × 15 cm


42 mm, 45 mm