Pole Acrobatics (Pole Fitness)

Pole acrobatics is a workout for those who want to get a beautiful relief, tighten the body and be physically strong and healthy. Pole acrobatics is a unique combination of acrobatics and choreography. The workout consists of aerobic and anaerobic exercises where the pole is used as a simulator. Pole acrobatics consists of elements and ligaments that load all muscle groups.

★ Group training (60 min): 13
★ Personal training (60 min): 30
★ Packages:
★ MINI (5х60 min): 50
★ ULTRA (10х60 min): 70
★ EXTRA (15×60 min): 90
x60 min): 125

Dress code:

★ Shorts – NB!
★ Sports Top / T-shirt
★ Barefoot training