Ordering Information


These Terms of Rekap Spordiklubi OÜ’s Internet site https://polespace.ee/  ordered goods purchase and sale agreements (the “Agreement”), which concluded Rekap Spordiklubi OÜ (the “Seller”), and by the contracting party (the “Buyer”) between these terms and conditions in force at the time.

General terms and conditions can not be in conflict with the laws and regulations prevailing in the Republic of Estonia and the need (in the case of disputes or missing information) is the updated rules.
In addition to these General Terms and Conditions governing the relationship between the buyer and seller are well established, additional product information and pricing friendly seller.
Buyer’s order shall be deemed generally to a quotation Law of Obligations Act (LOA) within the meaning of the ordered goods to enter into a purchase and sales agreement. Seller is not required to notify their acceptance of a separate order from the Buyer. Customer is responsible for paying the fees and the buyer, that is to deliver the familiar.
The seller has the right to terminate the Order if the ordered goods are not able to deliver the goods due to exhaustion. In this case, the money is paid back to the Buyer. If desired, the product can be replaced with any other product or wait for the arrival of a new product.
Müüal have the right to amend and supplement the list.
All the images on our website are for illustrative purposes only.
Unfortunately, we can not be responsible for color variation on your computer, because it may be that the image of the product and upon receipt of 100% of the color does not match.
Identity of the buyer, which is entered into the checkout process, the information is confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties, except cases prescribed by law, as well as the transfer of goods to related parties – the courier company, Eesti Post.
The seller has the right to use the e-mail address of the purchaser of its business activities and other promotional information.
For more information, please call (+372) 555 88 001 or write to us info@polespace.ee