Ordering Information

Rekap Red Space Showroom conditions apply equally to all purchasing customers.

The relations between Rekap Spordiklubi OÜ (registration code 14347368; address Kopli 25, 10812, Tallinn) and the customer are governed by the following general terms and conditions drawn up by Rekap Spordiklubi OÜ and the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia, in particular the Law of Obligations Act, the Consumer Protection Act, the Commercial Activities Act, the Information Society Services Act, the Waste Act and Regulation No. 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on online resolution of consumer disputes.

Ordering conditions

1. Formalization and entry into force of the order

1.1. The order is formalized between the person making the purchase from the Rekap Red Space Showroom online store (hereinafter the Buyer) and the polespace.ee representative Rekap Spordiklubi OÜ (registration code 14347368; address Kopli 25, 10812, Tallinn; hereinafter also the Seller). Placing an order is equivalent to concluding a Purchase-Sale Agreement.

1.2. The buyer places the order electronically by adding the product to the virtual shopping cart.

1.3. The order is completed from the moment the Buyer clicks on the “Submit order” link and agrees to these Terms and Conditions.

1.4. The Seller sends an invoice to the Buyer by e-mail for the order placed. Invoices and orders are also visible to the customer in the polespace.ee customer environment, if the customer has logged in with their username and password.

1.5. When filling out the order, we recommend that you be careful to avoid inaccuracies in the data and the quantities of the ordered products. The buyer is responsible for the correctness of his order letter.

1.6. The order becomes effective from the moment the amount due according to the invoice has been received in the current account of Rekap Sportiklubi OÜ.

2. Price

2.1 The prices of the products sold on the Rekap Sportiklubi OÜ e-store website are in Euros. All prices include VAT 20%.

2.2 The price includes a fee for delivering the goods. The fee for delivering the goods depends on the location of the buyer and the method of delivery. The delivery fee is displayed to the buyer when completing the order.

3. Payment for products

3.1 The buyer pays for the products by bank transfer according to the invoice sent by Rekap Spordiklubi OÜ. The Seller reserves the right to cancel the order and invoice if the Buyer has not paid the invoice within 5 (five) calendar days at the latest.

3.2 The Buyer pays for the products to the bank indicated on the invoice of Rekap Sportiklubi OÜ.

4. Delivery of goods

4.1 Delivery of goods and delivery time for goods in stock is a maximum of 10 working days (in general, the goods are dispatched within 3-4 working days). The delivery time starts counting from the moment the order takes effect, see point 1.

4.2 We send the ordered goods by DPD, Itella/Smartpost or Omniva. Free pickup at our Showroom, at Kopli 25, Tallinn.

4.3 In case of not finding the wrongly and not clearly stated destination address, the Buyer is responsible for the delay of the goods.

4.4 We recommend the Buyer to check the packaging and quantities of the products upon receiving the goods. If the packaging or product is damaged during transport, it must be returned and replaced with a new, intact packaging and undamaged product.

4.5 In case of later claims regarding the packaging or the product, the Seller takes into account the decrease in the value of the damaged packaging / damaged product when returning the goods.

5. Returning products and canceling an order

5.1 The buyer has the right within 14 days of receiving the goods to return the goods if they are not suitable or to exchange the goods for another product of the same price value.

5.2 In order to make a return, a withdrawal from the contract must be submitted to the Seller in advance, which is available here.

5.3 The buyer must return the goods within 14 days following the submission of the application or prove that he has handed over the goods to the carrier of the goods within the aforementioned period.

5.4 The goods are returned by the Buyer, informing the Seller beforehand.

5.5 If the packaging or goods of the returned goods are damaged, the Seller takes into account the decrease in the value of the damaged packaging / damaged product.

5.6 When returning the goods, it is recommended to indicate the invoice number, Buyer’s name, current account number and the reason for returning the goods in the notification in order to facilitate the procedure and ensure the provision of a better product / service.

5.7 The Seller shall make the refund within 14 days of receiving the withdrawal request, but not before the Seller has received the returned goods or the Buyer has proven that he has shipped the returned goods. In case of exercising the right of withdrawal, the Buyer has the right to receive back all fees, to the extent that the Seller has no claims, including the cost of delivering the goods (if it was added to the order). If the Buyer has not expressed a different wish, the money will be returned to the same bank account from which the payment was made.

5.8 If the Buyer has chosen the most expensive delivery method, the delivery cost will be compensated to the extent that corresponds to the cheapest fee offered by the Seller at the place of delivery of the goods.

5.9 If the returned product is damaged and the reason for this is not due to Rekap Spordiklubi OÜ, and if the product has been used by the Buyer in a non-intended manner, Rekap Spordiklubi OÜ has the right to offset the damage caused.

5.10 The Seller has the right to deduct from the returned amount the transportation cost that was involved in returning the goods to the Seller for reasons arising from the Buyer. In this case, the shipping cost is €4

5.11 If the Buyer does not agree with the offset amount, the Buyer has the right to request the involvement of an independent expert in determining the decrease in the value of the goods. The costs of the independent expert shall be paid by the party whose position was found to be unfounded.

5.12 You cannot return goods that are not eligible for return for health protection or hygienic reasons and if they have been opened after delivery (for example, pacifiers, baby bottles, hygiene and cosmetic products, etc.)

6. Claim submission procedure and sales guarantee

6.1 The Seller shall provide a written response to the claim submitted by the Buyer within 15 days at the latest. If the Seller needs additional time to respond, he will notify the Buyer of this, citing the reason for the delay and a new response deadline.

6.2 In the case of sales to the consumer, the seller is responsible for the non-compliance of the item (product) sold with the contract conditions, which becomes apparent within two years of handing over the item to the buyer.

6.3 In the case of sales to the consumer, it is assumed that non-compliance with the contract conditions that occurred within one year from the day of handing over the thing to the buyer existed at the time of handing over the thing, if such an assumption does not contradict the nature of the thing or defect.

6.4 In addition to the consumer’s legal rights, the products are also subject to a manufacturer’s warranty (importer). Terms of use of the warranty are attached to each product, if the product is covered by a warranty.

6.5 The manufacturer is not responsible for:

– For the deterioration of the product damaged by the buyer.
– For injuries/defects caused by non-intended use of the product.
– For injuries/defects caused by not performing the maintenance specified in the product’s user manual.

6.6 Report non-compliance of the product to the e-mail info@polespace.ee or phone +372 555 88 001.

6.7 If the product does not meet the requirements or is defective, the Buyer has the right to demand the repair of the product, as well as the replacement of the product with a product that meets the requirements and has no defects, or withdraw from the order and return the product.

6.8 In the event of a claim, the cost of return is borne by the Seller in the first six months and in the remaining 1.5 years by the Seller only if the claim is justified and the manufacturer’s defect is identified.

6.9 Upon discovering that the product does not meet the requirements, the Buyer is obliged to notify it within two months of the defect occurring. The product may not be used further if a defect appears.

7. Processing of personal data of the buyer

7.1 Rekap Sportiklubi OÜ uses the personal data entered by the buyer (including name, phone number, address, e-mail address, bank details) only to process the order and send the goods to the buyer.

7.2 Rekap Sportiklubi OÜ transfers personal data to companies providing transport services in order to deliver the goods.

7.3 Rekap Sportiklubi OÜ will send newsletters and offers to the buyer’s e-mail address only if the buyer has expressed his desire to do so by entering an e-mail address on the website and has indicated his wish to receive direct mail notifications.

7.4 The buyer can opt out of offers and newsletters sent to e-mail at any time by notifying us by e-mail or by following the instructions in the e-mail containing the offers.

8. Other Terms

8.1 Rekap Spordiklubi OÜ is not responsible for the damage caused to the Buyer or for the delay in the delivery of the goods, if the damage or the delay in the delivery of the goods is due to a circumstance that Rekap Spordiklubi OÜ could not influence and the occurrence of which Rekap Spordiklubi OÜ did not foresee and could not foresee ( force majeure).

8.2 Rekap Sportiklubi OÜ resolves misunderstandings with its customers peacefully and through negotiations.

8.3 If the parties still cannot find a suitable solution, both parties have the right to appeal to the Consumer Protection and Technical Supervision Agency, the Consumer Disputes Commission or the Harju County Court.

8.4 The Seller draws the Buyer’s attention to the online dispute resolution platform (the so-called ODR platform) in accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 524/2013 of the European Parliament and the Council on online resolution of consumer disputes. In particular, the Internet-based dispute resolution platform is designed to resolve cross-border disputes, enabling the consumer-buyer to more easily find a suitable out-of-court entity in the trader’s Member State to resolve a specific dispute. The ODR platform can be found at: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/